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  • Access Control System

  • Created: Dec 06, 2016

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This system is capable of handling high density access control which is common to train stations and industrial manufacturing. The circuitry uses 2x16 LCDs as the direct monitor of the system and 20x100 LCD for the main display. The system is programmable for other purposes and usages as well.

It is comprised of microcontrollers that handle data and operation of the subsystems. The 80C51 microcontroller has 128x8 RAM and 4000x8 ROM which is ideal for access control system application. The design is static, therefore the clock can be stopped without loss of user data and the execution can be resumed from the point the clock was stopped. The CLRC632 reader IC supports all MIFARE products and protocols. It is a small but fully integrated package as a reader IC for contactless communication. The PCA8539 LCD driver is also excellent for high-contrast Vertical Alignment (VA) LCD with multiplex rates up to 1:18 ratio and generates drive signals up to 1,800 elements.

It can also monitor an individual's interaction with their appropriate information. Aside from people, it is also appropriate for product inventory and other information management applications. It can handle a wide range of methods and protocols for contactless communications and can operate at high data rates. The design itself is so versatile that it could be developed for wide range of applications.



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