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  • Adder of two bit numbers without carry-in

  • Created: Jul 14, 2016

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This is a carry-driven adder of two numbers of two bits without carry-in, using pure primitive gates (AND, OR and NOT).


This is a carry-driven adder, that means that the two first bit is added then the other second two bits are added using the carry (C0) from the first two bits, instead of trying to use the Karnaugh map for every output bit (S0, C and S1). This makes the circuit a bit simpler (as we are only using AND, OR and NOT).

Most of the parts of this circuit can be replaced with only XOR and AND, but that is not the purpose. You can, however, use 3 input AND and OR gates to reduce costs and complexity if you are going to build this circuit.

The C0 output is labeled but not used as useful output. This output is the first-lever carry output, is a intermediate output.

Warning: this schematic uses generic gate symbols. If you want to build the circuit, you can use chips from the 74xx series or from the 4xxx series.



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