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  • Arduino Uno Based Vending Machine - 2

  • Created: Jul 10, 2017

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Vending machines are automated retailing machines that dispensed items after a credit is inserted into the machine. It became popular because it sells items without human intervention until the supply lasts. The earliest vending made by a Greek mathematician and engineer was a water-dispensing machine. The design is a vending machine that uses an Arduino UNO microcontroller board, DC motor, coin acceptor modules, IR sensors and a spring mechanism to create a mini vending machine.

The circuit is an Arduino UNO based vending machine. It uses a coin acceptor module to accept coin payments. The module is capable of recognizing 4 types of different coins from 15mm to 29mm in diameter. Each of the coins is assigned with a different number of pulses: 1 pulse, 2 pulses, 3 pulses, and 4 pulses. The coins must be configured first before the module can accept it. The acceptor module looks for the diameter, thickness, dropping speed and more to determine if a coin is valid. The coin pin of the module is connected to the Arduino digital I/O pin. Once a valid coin is detected, the LCD will display the amount of credit. If the amount of credit is enough for an item, then the LED will light up the item for that amount to indicate the button now functions. The LCD used is a 20 characters and 4 lines LED monitor. It uses a I2C connections to interface with the Arduino UNO. A library is needed to be downloaded and installed for the Arduino-IIC-LCD GY-LCD-V in order to be interface with the Arduino UNO. Pressing a button will give a signal from the Arduino UNO to the relay to operate the motor. The motor will continue to operate pushing the item using the spiral mechanism until it falls. An IR sensor is placed below the spiral mechanism to detect the item falling, the IR sensor will give the signal to the arduino UNO to stop the operation of the motor if the item falls. The circuit is powered by a 5V DC supply and the motor is supplied by a 6V DC supply.

The design can be easily created by hobbies of the Arduino platforms. The vending machine can store snacks, drinks and other items than can be easily be vend using coins. The circuit is design with only for 3 items but can be modify to have more items available provided that it is still viable for the Arduino UNO. Vending machine has brought convenience in our lives; it became widely available in markets, schools, airports, bus station, and other places.



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