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  • Audio Player with Capacitive Touch Control and OLED Display

  • Created: Jun 08, 2016

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This project is an audio player circuit, which is based from the 430BOOST-C55AUDIO1-evaluation board and reference design of Texas Instruments. This enables users to play music and other mp3 files and listen to it through a headset. The project has a capacitive touch control and an OLED display as an interface to users. It also has an SD card as storage for your mp3 files.

The circuit is powered by a 5-6V battery, which runs through a regulator to convert it down to 3.6V. This voltage supplies the host controller of the circuitry, which is the MSP430G2553 microcontroller (MCU). This voltage also runs through other regulators to provide the correct voltage supply to other peripherals present in the circuit. The MCU interfaces the capacitive touch sensors and the LEDs to the C5535 DSP through UART. It also sends the message texts displayed on the OLED screen to the DSP. As the MCU is powered up, the power to the DSP is enabled through the TPS79633DCQ regulator configured to output a 3.3V. Upon the circuit’s initialization, the user can browse folders and select it. And inside a folder the user can choose an mp3 file to play. A user can browse and select a folder or a file by scrolling and tapping to the capacitive touch sensors. The circuit is also capable of recording and save it into an mp3 file.

The circuit has a TRRS headset jack for stereo headset output and headset microphone input. An autonomous audio switch that can detect the type of headset is connected between the headset jack and stereo codec for the circuit to support various kinds of headsets.



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