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  • Automated Railway Gate

  • Created: Jun 23, 2014

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The absence of human in the railway gate control system results a lot of accidents in the railway crossings, therefore the old design of control system should be replaced. This circuit is much better design since it control unmanned railway gate with high speed response in order to avoid accidents in the railway crossings. It has automatic control over the operation of railway gates detecting the arrival and departure of trains at the gate. It has also an intelligent alerting system which detects the speed of the train that is arriving. The microcontroller automatically activates the alarm present at the gate if the speed is found to be higher than the normal speed. It has also a feature that it can identify train intruders such as animals and other possible obstacles.

The circuit consists of four IR LED-Photodiode pairs arranged on either side of the gate such that IR LED and photodiodes are on either side of the track and the 2 pairs of sensors are located at different position is used to calculate the velocity of the train. The transmitter continuously transmits IR light which is made to fall on the receiver and when the train arrives, it cuts the light falling on the receiver.

The design is suitable for the present situation of railway crossing accidents. This will provide safety to operators and commuters.



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