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  • Automobile Accident Support

  • Created: Aug 28, 2014

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There are several automotive technologies presented by car manufacturers around the world. One of its aim is to provide safety to consumers/users. This developments provides us opportunity to acquire convenience and possibility for visiting places by land. However, as we move to these conveniences and possibilities, the more risk are expected. The faster the travel time, the greater the risk of accident to happen. According to some studies regarding accidents, more or less 90% of the causes of accident is human error and only 10% is for the mechanical error. This fact urge the engineers to counteract this increase of accidents. But majority of the development focuses on safety on car basic usage and only few develop for accident support. This project is design to provide instantaneous accident support without being trigger by person. The concept of smart technology is embedded in this design. The strings/wires serves as the full body sensor of the automobile that will be embedded within the vehicular body parts that could possibly affected by accident. It will provide immediate data regarding the status including degree of accident, number of people injured and location. It will send data to the nearest rescue team or hospital, police authority, civilians, and municipalities or cities where the accident happened.

The circuit is comprised only of few components. The SST89E52RC-33-C-PIE is a FlashFlex family of 8-bit microcontroller products designed and manufactured with SST’s patented and proprietary SuperFlash CMOS semiconductor process technology. The PCA9544APW is a 1-of-4 bidirectional translating multiplexer, controlled via the I2C-bus. The GSM Shield is used to connect the device into mobile telecom network. The RF 315/433 MHz Transmitter is a redundant wireless connection incase GSM is not available within the area. An RF signal will continue transmitting signal and it will be received by common radio tuned within that range of frequency. The PCA9505DGG is a 40-bit parallel input/output (I/O) port expansion for I2C-bus applications organized in 5 banks of 8 I/Os. The 64X128 Dot Matrix Graphic LCD that is used to monitor the car real time status. The strings/wires that is used as the full body sensor of the car will vary according to the material available in the market.

The entire concept of the design is excellent. It is applicable to different types of land vehicle. It may not directly resolve the increase of accidents but it will surely save lives.



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