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  • Automotive Fog Light

  • Created: Feb 27, 2017

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Driving lights are used at low light condition or at night, it helps light the path of the drivers in the road. It also increases visibility of the vehicle from other drivers and pedestrians. Even with the existing driving lights, it is not enough at certain condition and weather. Motorists add auxiliary lights to their vehicles like fog lamps or fog lights that are installed on the car either on top or at the bumper. They are designed at low speed to add to the illumination directed to the road. It improves the poor visibility resulting from precipitations like rain, fog, dust, or snow. The design is a basic car fog light connection.

The design uses two fog lights that are rated 130W each. They are connected to the pin 87 of the 30A relay. 20A and 10A wires are used to connect them to the relay. The pin 85 of the relay is connected to ground. Pin 86 of the relay is connected to the dashboard switch of the car, which is also connected to the fuse box. The circuit is powered by the 12V battery of the car, which is connected to pin 30 of the relay. A 20A fuse is placed between the battery and the relay for protection. A 20A wire is suitable to use in connecting the battery and relay.

Auxiliary lights like the fog lights can save drivers in worst conditions and weather, where normal driving lights are just reflected. Fog lights can cut through the fogs and mist to light up the road. Since fog lights are strong enough to cut thick fogs, there are restrictions on using it. They are not to be used under normal conditions.



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