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  • Automotive Safety Feature with IoT and Renewable Energy Technology

  • Created: Mar 20, 2017

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Considering the safety on driving or even as a passenger on the road today, people tend to find a solution or prevention of accidents or any possible crime while on the road. It is been known that CCTVs, dash cam, and other video or image capturing device prevent accidents and resolves crime in different circumstances or situations. Engineers and electronic enthusiasts have been trying to develop devices in response to the demand of current problems related to automotive. These basic circuit and blocks for automotive safety feature and making use of technologies that are now on trend may help to resolve these problems.

Cameras that captures real time and record incident is one of the components of this design, it is the VC0706 camera that is capable of 30fps CVBS video output and picture format of JPEG. This camera is like a CCTV on the vehicle but limited to capture images that these images serves as data that will be analyzed in response to the configurations stored in micro SD. These configurations primarily determine the current situation inside the Car if there is robbery, and then weapons such as gun/knife or both are on the image considering those weapons are pointing to a person. Forced entry or unauthorized usage of the vehicle is also resolved since it captures images that can help to identify the unauthorized person using the vehicle. With accidents, the driver side of image is then focused since fatigue or drowsiness can still be identified using an image but not accurate as bio-radar instrument for detection. The camera is connected to Arduino Uno R3 as Host controller through two digital pins instead of serial pins RX TX of the board (serial pins of the board can still be used for other functions that can make use of it optimally). The Ethernet shield is attached above the Arduino Uno R3 in which it handle the microSD for data storage such as images from camera and configurations or functions for this designed system. It also handles the Internet connection, as its UDE will be connected to an ISP modem or any module that can provide access to Internet at higher speed accommodating image size file/s. This designed system can operate almost 24hrs a day since it will have a different battery as power source other than automobile built-in battery. This battery is connected to a solar panel as shown, which will charge the battery as long as it receives sunlight or solar radiation for energy charging. Through internet access, an authorized personnel or person to inform in case of emergency can monitor or verify image captured in the scene prior to possible accident or during crime and have a response from those personnel or person. The power source for ISP Module or Modem also will be from the battery but ISP Modem should be in sleep mode as much as possible in order to save power if it is not used.

This designed system will have a lot of work to do in its program but since it is with development board as part of its hardware, then it will be flexible together with its possible program. The configurations will be based on the actual circumstances and happenings; probably this part requires survey or research in order to determine images related to crimes and actual state of risky driver while on the road. Images should be highly defined as much as possible in order to identify object in an image. It can also be small and easily send to Internet where authorized personnel or person to be informed in case of emergency can have access in order to determine or verify actual situation.



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