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  • Automotive USB Battery Charging with Over-Voltage Circuit protection

  • Created: Aug 20, 2015

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In today’s generation, handheld, and mobile gadgets are the trend in terms of technology. The cellphones, tablets and laptops have increased in numbers these past few years due to the high demand in the market. One of the main concerns of having such devices is power. Since the device is mobile, it is powered only by batteries that need to be recharged. When a person is at home or in the office, charging the batteries of the mobile devices is not a big concern since power outlets is almost available in the area. The problem is when one is travelling on land where communication, Internet access, and entertainment have somehow become a necessity. The solution is to install a charging device that provides sufficient power to any mobile devices on the automotive vehicle.

This USB charging device is so designed for optimum usage with its minimum size. Its compact design allows it to fit in a space constrained automobile power accessory port. Its input voltage is 13.6V that is typical in any automobile voltage source and can withstand up to 45V transients. The design provides 5V output voltage and an output current of up to 2.1A. It also provides safety to its end user and his/her device from the dangers of overvoltage and overcurrent. By applying TE connectivity’s new-featured product, PolyZen CE Circuit Protection Device (RF2496-000), the design is safe from overvoltage and overcurrent. The RF2496-000 is rated to a minimum input voltage of 13.4V to fit to the designs specifications. It has an integrated overvoltage and overcurrent protection that makes it a general-purpose circuit protection device that can be applicable on small-scale applications such as the reference design mentioned above. Also it has a high holding current making it more suitable and more reliable circuit protection device.

TE connectivity is a trusted brand on consumer electronics products. Specializing on circuit connection and circuit protection, TE always ensures the safety of its consumers and the electric/electronics equipment.



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