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  • Back up Power Device with Realtime Reading Voltage

  • Created: Sep 10, 2014

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The development in power system plays an important role to modernization. It goes with the reliability of power system design where a lot of engineers are challenged to develop. This circuit features real time measurement of energy and overcharging protection. It has also automated switching operation that is suited for continuous operation.

The design is comprised of PIC16F886-E/SP 8-bit microcontroller which is used for driving the seven segment display and managing the overall operation of the system. The transformer is used for converting 220V AC signal to 12V pulsating DC signal peak to peak output and 6V pulsating DC peak to ground output. The 2N3904 NPN general purpose transistor is used for switching supplies. The relay switch is used to ensure that the supply reaches the required value. The quad seven segment display is used for output reading.

The design is suitable for power management applications. It improves the available resources of power backups and emergency supplies. It simplifies the complexity of providing real-time reading of power.



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