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  • Basic 2.7V to 18V eFuse Power Switch for Health Monitor

  • Created: Sep 22, 2016

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The eFuse Power Switch is a power management device with a full suite of protection functions with operating voltage of 2.7V to 18V, while its maximum is 20V. The adjustable current limit is ±8% typically 0.6A to 5.3A with IMON current indicator output (±8%). The adjustable under/overvoltage threshold is ±2%. It also features reverse current blocking and 1us reverse voltage shutoff with programmable dVo/dt Control.

It also has power good and faults output that monitors different faults like undervoltage, overvoltage, reverse voltage, and thermal shutdown event. The EN/UVLO pin is an input for setting programmable undervoltage lockout threshold. The OVP pin is input for setting programmable overvoltage protection threshold. The dVdT pin capacitor from this pin to GND sets the ramp rate of the output voltage. The ILIM pin is for resistor from this pin to GND sets the overload and short-circuit current limit. The IMON pin sources a scaled down ratio of current through the internal FET. The /FLT, PGOOD, and PGTH are used for faults monitoring. And the device aids in controlling the in-rush current and provides fast turn-off during reverse voltage conditions for systems such as USB ports prone to short-to-battery faults, server.

The design is applicable to automotive infotainment, USB hubs, ADAS Cameras and Radar Sensors, and holdup power management.



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