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  • Basic Application of Programmable Waveform Generator

  • Created: Oct 13, 2016

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A waveform generator is an essential device for analyzers hence it characterizes wave outputs. The design is a circuit for evaluating the capability of waveform generator. It features a digitally programmable frequency and phase while it consumes only 8.5mW power at 2.3V but it accepts voltage from 2.3V to 5.5V as a supply voltage. The MCLK speed are 16MHz(B grade) and 5MHz(A grade) with 28-bit resolution - 0.06Hz at 16MHz reference clock. It is capable of producing sinusoidal, triangular, and square wave outputs.

The evaluation circuit uses a 5DP standard connectors that has ports for timers, general input/output, I2C, SPI, and SPORT. The AD9837ACPZ-RL7 is a fully integrated Direct Digital Systhesis (DDS) chip that is written to via a 3-wire serial interface. This serial interface operates at clock rates up to 40MHz and is compatible with DSP and microcontroller standards. It requires a reference clock and decoupling capacitors to provide digitally created sine waves up to 8MHz. In addition to the generation of this RF signal, the chip is fully capable of a broad range of simple and complex modulation schemes. These modulation schemes are fully implemented in the digital domain, allowing accurate and simple realization of complex modulation algorithms using DSP techniques. It uses REF19 precision band gap voltage references ensuring stable output voltage from supplies as low as 100mV above the output voltage and consuming less than 45 μA of supply current. The EEPROM is part of I2C port features and used in I2C related application.

The design circuit can be used by the different designers of liquid and gas flow measurement instruments. It can be part of sensory applications like proximity, motion, and defect detection. It is also applicable to test and medical equipment.



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