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  • Basic Dental Suction Machine Control

  • Created: Sep 20, 2015

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This design illustrates the simple application of ARISO contactless connector. It is a common machine to dentistry in which it ensures that the small fragments of teeth and other materials will not be swallowed by the patient that undergo minor or major dental operation. Due to several movements and positioning of the handpiece of suction machine during operation, the wire that provides the control at the handpiece is susceptible to wear or tear. In this design, it introduces the ARISO contactless connector in which it features freedom of movement that includes tilt, angle, or misalignment. The design is flexible and cost saving in which it can transfer power and signal through fluids and walls.

The design shows a dental handpiece with its suction machine but the circuit focuses on the controller interface in which a basic motor control is shown at the right side of the design. The circuit make use of diac and triac switching configuration in which the diac breaks down as the charging voltage reaches the breakover voltage of the diac, while the capacitor connected will also discharge through the diac, producing a sudden pulse of current that fires the triac into conduction. The variable resistor is used to vary the phase angle at which the triac is triggered. The control of the variable resistor is connected to the controller board in which it handles the transmission of signals through a contactless connector. This wireless connector provide the safe and reliable connection by using magnetic coupling.

The contactless connector used in this design is not only limited to light weight applications. It is also useful to industrial applications such as process operation and manufacturing. It is also useful to robotics in which the freedom of movement is a primary requirement.



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