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  • Basic Low Voltage DC Servo Motor Control

  • Created: Jun 28, 2015

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The use of motors to different application is increasing in which majority of the industries are now fully automated using motor control innovation. This design features a typical motor control called H-bridge circuit that enables the motor to have forward and reverse rotation. It can handle transient operation ranging from 5V to 40V and able to operate continuously with voltage ranging from 8V to 28V. It has two independent monolithic H-Bridge Power ICs in the same package that makes it more compact compared to a typical H-bridge circuit. Each of the H-Bridge MOSFET has 235mΩ maximum RDS(ON) at 150°C and 3.0V/5.0V TTL / CMOS logic compatible inputs. It has also overcurrent regulation and output short-circuit protection. The system is energy efficient that it draws less than 50uA current during its sleep mode.

This design is comprised of general components to control motors. The MC33932EK 5.0A throttle control H-Bridge provides the DC load current that put the motor in operation. It has internal charge pump and gate drive circuitry that supports external PWM frequencies up to 11kHz. The FBA and FBB pins are analog feedback output that provides a constant-current source ratio to the active high side MOSFETs current. The IN1 and IN2 provide the control of the two totem-pole half-bridge outputs. The D1 and EN/D2 are two independent disable inputs that force the H-bridge outputs to a high-impedance state. The EN/ D2 pin also controls an enable function that allows the IC to be placed in a power-conserving sleep mode. The MCU act as the main controller and provide the ports that can be used to further develop the design. The motors are the output components that rely on the system command.

This is useful to industrial automation and control that it can make the system more efficient due to its body design and numerous operational features. The design can be built easily because it is straightforward that an ordinary hobbyist will be able to understand and make some experiment on it.



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