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  • Basic Media Oriented System Transport (MOST) Circuit for FOT

  • Created: Feb 14, 2017

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In Fiber Optic Transceiver (FOT), data related to multimedia is best operated. These FOT and multimedia technologies are enhanced by a networking solution in which in this design, it makes use of Media Oriented System Transport (MOST). It brings high quality multimedia networking solution with data rate capability of over 24.5Mbps allocable for both asynchronous and synchronous data, and an independent 768kbps control channel. The OS8104 MOST IC has on-chip network management functions such as automatic multimedia channel allocation and wake-up on sensing network activity. It is also capable of node position and delay detection, and fail-safe node bypass and error reporting.

Highlight in this circuit is the MOST IC on FOT application with its power supply. The circuit has few discrete components that secure MOST multimedia networking. In RX side, FOT unit and MOST IC should be close as possible in order to minimize capacitance on the data line, thus shorten transition times out of the FOT minimize pulse width distortion and jitter. In TX side, series or resistor termination should also be close as possible to the MOST IC in which it minimize reflections and lower EMI. The power supply side shows that it requires +12V in order to deliver 5V supply. This 5V drives the RX FOT to switched 5V source through its status pin. The MOST IC and its external components are powered by this switched 5V in which this switched 5V will only be at ON state when light is initially detected at the RX FOT. In order to minimize loop currents, FLT and VREF analog components should be placed as close as possible to the GNDA. Capacitors and inductor in the supply pins help to stabilize the entire system and secures from noise.

The Media Oriented System Transport networking technology is applicable in different multimedia field such as CD-AUDIO, DVD, and other media players nowadays. It is also suitable for further development of device used in multimedia.



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