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  • Bathroom Automation Circuit

  • Created: Feb 20, 2014

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This project allows the automatic switching of lights in an enclosed room such as a bathroom. With this project, accidents that may happen due to poor vision may be prevented, especially for vulnerable individuals such as the elderly and children. Aged persons in the house and guests often fumble while searching for the toilet and bathroom switches in the absence of light; also very few of us take care to switch OFF the lights of toilets/bathrooms after using them.

In the schematic, there are two symmetrical circuits, one for toilet and one for bathroom, sharing common power supply and a melody generator-cum-audio warning unit. The reed switches S1 and S2 are normally open type, operated by permanent magnets that are fixed to the doors of the bathroom and toilet respectively. When the doors of the bathroom and toilet are closed, the reed switches are also closed and vice versa given that the doors are initially in the closed condition when the room is empty.

The circuit uses the HEF4013B. The HEF4013B is an integrated circuit with dual D-type flip-flops. Some features of this IC include independent set-direct input, clear-direct input, clock input and outputs. Data is accepted when CP is LOW and is transferred to the output on the positive-going edge of the clock. The active HIGH asynchronous CD and SD inputs are independent and override the D or CP inputs. The outputs are buffered for best system performance. The clock input's Schmitt-trigger action makes the circuit highly tolerant of slower clock rise and fall times. The circuit also uses the NE556 timer for clock synchronization purposes.



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