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  • Battery Condition Indicator

  • Created: Sep 01, 2014

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A battery indicator is a device that determines the condition of a battery, which is usually in a form of visual indication of the battery’s charging status. The device uses an LED as an indicator when the battery voltage drops to a certain level. This project is crucial especially in the case of an automobile’s battery which supplies power to the starter motor, lights and to the ignition system. Since battery is essential to the normal operation of automobiles, battery condition indicator should be encouraged to minimize the factors that cause vehicular accidents.

A MCP6541-E/MS op amp is employed as a voltage comparator. The non-inverting input is connected to zener reference source. Reference voltage is 5.1V. R2 is adjusted so that the voltage at the inverting input is half the supply voltage. When supply is higher than 10.2V, the LED will not light. When the supply falls just fractionally below the 10.2V level, the IC inverting input will be slightly negative of the non-inverting input, and the output will swing fully positive. The LED will light, indicating that the supply voltage has fallen to the preset threshold level. The LED can be made to light at other voltages by adjusting R2.

This monitoring system can be used as a battery indicator for automobiles, electronic devices, computers, and even to batteries that are not part of a system. It is applicable for systems located on remote areas.



How does it differentiate between the voltage of the battery vs the alternator

Posted: Oct 22, 2014

PB Fortich

I think it uses relay and dc converter, which it is not included in this design. It isolates voltage of an alternator to battery voltage. This design will be attached to the low voltage side of the connections and basically it is a core circuit. It is the same with new designs of car dashboard in which it automatically lights up if there is something wrong with your car like engine failure, door not close, seat belt, etc.

Posted: Dec 21, 2014



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