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  • Battery Fuel Gauge

  • Created: Mar 08, 2016

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This reference design is a typical application for the bq28z610 Battery Fuel Gauge device. It is a 1 to 2 series Li-Ion/Li Polymer battery pack and protection solution, enabling independent charger control and cell balancing. The device provides a fully integrated pack-based solution with a flash programmable custom Reduced Instruction-Set CPU (RISC), safety protection, and authentication for 1- to 2-series cell Li-Ion and Li-Polymer battery packs. It also measures cell voltage and current simultaneously, and also measures temperature to calculate the information related to remaining capacity, full charge capacity, state-of-health, and other gauging parameters.

To implement this design, a comprehensive set of parameters for a specific battery pack, the user needs Battery Management Studio (bqSTUDIO), which is a graphical user-interface tool installed on a PC during development. The bq28z610 fuel gauge communicates via an I2C compatible interface and combines an ultra-low-power, high-speed TI bqBMP processor, high-accuracy analog measurement capabilities, integrated flash memory, an array of peripheral and communication ports, an N-CH FET drive, and a SHA-1 Authentication transform responder into a complete, high-performance battery management solution. The user can also calibrate the cell voltage measurement offset, battery voltage, pack voltage, current calibration, coulomb counter offset, PCB offset, CC gain/capacity gain, and temperature measurement for both internal and external sensors.

Applications for this design include but not limited to portable and wearable devices, audio devices, and other electrical devices the needs battery monitoring in order to accurately gauge the amount of energy left in your battery.



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