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  • Battery-Powered Mobile Alarm System

  • Created: Feb 11, 2014

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This is a typical circuit for different applications but for this designed circuit, It is for Mobile Alarm System. It is an Input/Output expander circuit for microcontrollers and other digital data processing devices. It also manages the voltage levels between devices.

The microcontrollers are known to be excellent for most application but it has limited I/O pins, which is not good. The problem on microcontroller with I/O pins was solved by the PCAL6416A device, the in I/O pins. It is a 16-bit General Purpose Input/Output expander that provides remote I/O expansion for most microcontroller families via the I²C-bus interface. It maintains minimal interconnection of interconnection of a processor running at one voltage level to I/O devices operating at a different voltage level. External resistors are required for inputs (on P port) that may float. Also, internal pull-up or pull-down may be used to eliminate the need for external components. If a driver to an input will never let the input float, a resistor is not needed. If an output in the P port is configured as a push-pull output there is no need for external pull-up resistors. If an output in the P port is configured as an open-drain output, external pull-up resistors are required.

The circuit design is ideal for controlling a lot of devices such as home automation or even industrial automation. It can also be used for multiple input and multiple output system. This will saved a lot of expenses for an additional microcontrollers and processors.



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