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  • Bicycle Turn Signal Light

  • Created: Oct 19, 2016

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Signal lights are used to signify your intentions on the road. Turn signals are one of the many signal lights that are used to communicate both in front and behind a person on the road. Using signal lights are not limited to cars but also to any forms of vehicle that is using the road, like bicycles. Bicycles are not built with turn signals, this risk the possibility of road accident when using bicycles. The circuit is a bicycle turn signal light using the NE556DR 555 timer. It is a dual 555 timer IC that has an active pullup or pulldown resistors.

The circuit uses the 555 timer as a timing device for the LED lights to blink. The circuit operates at a 12V supply battery that can be easily attached to a bicycle. It has an ON-OFF-ON switch (SW1) depending on which side to turn. The LEDs are set to lights up in order, starting from line L1 to L5 or L11 to L15. Once all lights are turned ON, all LEDs on that side will turn off and start again. This makes a moving motion of LED towards the direction of the turn; this will keep going until the switch is placed back to the center (normally OFF state). Place the LEDs at the rear of the bicycle and place them in order that they turn ON the way to the direction of the turn. The LEDs are much more effective if it is place in a reflector, which increases its presence in the road.

The circuit is only for rear turn signal, but can be modified for an additional front turn signal. The color of the LEDs must emit amber light, for the rear and a yellow light LED if an additional front turn signal lights is added. These LEDs colors are standard convention on road traffic. With the bicycle turn signal light, it will lessen the risk of accident involving sudden changing of lanes or slowing down to make a turn.



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