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  • Bio-Radar Sensor for Automobile Safety Features

  • Created: Jan 03, 2017

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In the midst of automotive development spotlight, electronics also made several developments for automotive industry that add up as new features in the vehicle. As to observe these developments, vehicular accidents continuously to happen provided that there are a lot of reasons behind of it. There are studies made for these vehicular accidents in which it is found out that majority cause of accidents is human error or failure due to fatigue and drowsiness. Therefore, in order to minimize or prevent this human error or failure, electronic developers are now into detection of automobile drivers fatigue and drowsiness. Provided in this design, a bio-radar sensor with its electromechanical outputs. It makes use of MAX32631IWG+T as MCU featuring optimal peripheral mix provides platform scalability and secure valuable IP and data with robust internal hardware security.

The design has three board parts such as the bio-radar sensor transceiver board, main controller board, and automobile safety features circuit board. The bio-radar sensor transceiver board has several components that are connected to the SKY73009-11 RF demodulator. Its receiver side makes use of MAX2644EXT+T as Low-Noise Amplifier connected to the SA2441AM SAW filter that sends the signal to the LDB212G4005C-001 RF balun of the RF demodulator. On the transmitter side, the RF demodulator sends signal to the PD2328J5050S2HF RF power divider, which is amplified by HMC385LP4E RF amplifier before transmission. The main controller board comprised of MAX32631IWG MCU as the host controller. It receives signal from bio-radar sensor transceiver board through LMV324D quad low-voltage, rail-to-rail operational amplifiers. The data signal received is analyzed by host controller that corresponds to the detection of fatigue and drowsiness. Also, after analyzing, the host controller sends signal that triggers either or both automobile engine shut-off or automobile brake. The automobile safety features circuit board illustrates the switching circuit for shut-off and automobile brake. For the engine shut-off feature, as the host controller sends a signal through the base of 2N6387G transistor and the relay will be pulled that redirects the supply to ground instead to the ignition winding so the engine will shut-off. It is almost the same thing for the automobile brake; the relay will be pulled that triggers the actuator hitting the brake.

Automotive industry is into rapid development of different features including safety features but these safety features are not limited to automobile industry. It can be applied to power or manufacturing industries such as a protection for local operators that can be in a accident hitting the turbines, conveyor belts, and other industrial components that can harm them produce an emergency shut-off of the machines that runs the entire system. It may require some modification in order to set it in place as a safety features for other application but a few start for those safety feature designs are already done.



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