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  • Bluetooth Low Energy Client Module

  • Created: May 04, 2017

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The trend of Internet of Things (IoT) started already that a lot of developers are now into it. In order to optimize the process of development, there are developments and devices that are build for IoT development process. One of this is the BLECM that enables rapid or quick control of a Bluetooth embedded system to a preconfigured mobile application. It has easy setup, USB or battery powered. This module has easy access through mobile phone apps in which it is available on google play store and app store by searching BLECM.

It uses RN4020 Bluetooth low energy module that integrates an RF, a baseband controller, and a command API processor. The Bluetooth module serves as the main component that transmit and receive data over the air. It is connected to PIC24FJ64GC006 MCU that controls the rest of the components of this design and it also process the received data. The MikroBus and USER I/O are used for interfacing, status indication, and external control switch. The power supply circuit has two options such as input power from batteries and USB Device/Power through USB Mini B-Female connector. It is making used of boost power supply circuit that provides 5V while it uses buck/boost power supply circuit for 3.3V.

This BLECM device is well-suited for IoT applications aside of its easy access, it is also capable of integrating the module to a larger system. It is applicable to industrial control system or even medical that requires remote access. Considering some modifications, it is suitable in several electronic applications.



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