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  • Bluetooth Low Energy Light

  • Created: Sep 09, 2015

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Bluetooth is one of the basic means of communication in this wireless generation. It is present in almost all electronic devices that are available in the market. From cellphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, and etc., it became a necessary feature in all these devices.

This reference design applied Bluetooth technology to wirelessly control the LED for various applications. The LED can be controlled from a cellphone, laptop, or tablet wirelessly via Bluetooth. The design uses a microcontroller unit that is dedicated for low power Bluetooth applications making it more viable for various applications. The microcontroller gets the instructions from the remote device via Bluetooth. Then it will process the data so it can provide the LEDs the right output for that specific instruction. The design has low power requirement so it can be applied for mobile applications. Also, the reference design features TE connectivity’s 1981568-1 Micro USB connector, for its data transmission. It has gold contact mating area material for lesser transmission loss and can be mounted on any PCB in a right angle.

Aside from providing products that are safe to use, TE connectivity also ensures that their customers will get just the right part for their circuit designs. With its wide variety of parts that are designed for safety, convenience, and performance, TE connectivity is a wise choice when it comes to connector applications.



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