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  • BOMB Game

  • Created: Sep 08, 2014

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This project describes a game where each player has to remove each wire until it deactivates the bomb using Microchip PIC16F88-I/P Microcontroller. "Should I cut the blue wire...or the red…?" This is a very common phrase in many movies when the action hero has a bomb in front of him with little time left and he has to choose which wire to cut that will stop the bomb from exploding, thus saving millions of people. This game is just a countdown timer with 4 wires of different colors that has to be removed to deactivate the bomb. It is an original game and can bring a lot of fun to the kids.

Turning the power on, the display and piezo will start a small introduction. After the introduction, the message "S1" will appear on the display meaning that S1 needs to be pressed for the game to start. All four wires must be plugged in. If one of the wires is not plugged in, the message "EE" will display which means that an error occurred and the game will not begin. As the game begins, the countdown will start. The display shows the timer and 15 seconds is all the time the player have to defuse the bomb. There are four wires – red, green, blue and white. Unplugging them will simulate the cutting of the wire. Only one wire can be unplugged at a time and each wire can only be used once per play. There are four actions possible – defuse the bomb (red wire), explode the bomb (green wire), increase timer speed (blue wire) and no consequence (white wire).

Microchip Technology's PIC16F88-I/P Microcontroller has a powerful 200 nanoseconds instructions execution yet easy to program with only 35 single word instructions. It is ideal for advance analog/integrated level applications in automotive, industrial, appliances and consumer electronics applications.



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