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  • BQ51013BEVM-764 Wireless Power Receiver IC Evaluation Module

  • Created: Jan 25, 2016

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Wireless power transfer has been widely growing today in different applications that we see around. This technology can be highly seen on electronic devices such as our smartphones that are compatible and comes with wireless chargers.

The design is a wireless power receiver evaluation kit from Texas Instruments that demonstrates the receiver portion of the bqTESLA wireless power system. It is a complete receiver-side solution that produces 5-V output at up to 1-A load and is built for high-performance, easy-to-use development kit for designing wireless power solutions. This circuit is based on the BQ51013B that provides the AC/DC power conversion and regulation while integrating the digital control required complying with the Qi communication protocol.

This board aids customers to evaluate the operation and performance of the BQ51013A and BQ51013B, 5-V power supply for wireless power transfer. The kit speeds up the development of end-use applications in wearable, medical, automotive and industrial designs.



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