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  • Centralize Light Switch using QTouch

  • Created: Feb 09, 2016

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The lighting control of modern building is now into touch panel. It provides convenience to lighting control because it becomes more compact unlike the typical 2-way switch. In this design, it features single-key QTouch touch sensor IC that have one-configurable as either a single key or a proximity sensor. Since the key outline different sizes and shapes, several combinations are possible. It is settable as toggle switch or momentary switch while the signal processing is self-calibration, auto drift compensation, and noise filtering.

The design illustrates a six single-key Qtouch technology that is combined into a single panel to control house lighting. The touch sensor IC receives the signal in the sense pin SNSK and SNS. The SYNC/MODE is to synchronize multiple QT1010 devices to each other to prevent cross-interference. The OUTPUT pin releases the state signal that it can be either HIGH or LOW. The M01PTH header is attached in the two side of 2-pin jumper connector. It is for circuit diagnostics and quality assurance. The NPN transistor serves as the switch LED that triggers when output state is received.

The design is applicable to different types of lighting control. It is also suitable to consumer appliances and control panels for industrial application. It can also be modified for proximity sensor applications.



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