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  • Charging Simplified for High Capacity Batteries

  • Created: Aug 25, 2014

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This design performs an excellent charging management of batteries. It is designed to charge lithium ion batteries that are common in consumer electronics. It offers a lot of features to supplement the common needs of the consumer. It provides safety charge timers, automatic charge termination, automatic recharge, temperature monitor, charge status indicator, high accuracy voltage regulation, automatic preconditioning of deeply depleted cells and other consumer wants in a charger controller are to be expected in this circuit.

The design is comprised of MCP73843-410I/MS device, which is an advanced single or dual cell lithium-ion/lithium-polymer charge management controller. The MA2Q70500L is a Schottky barrier diodes for high frequency rectifications. The NDS8434 is a single P-channel enhancement mode field effect transistor for minimization of on-state resistance and provide superior switching performance. The discrete components are used as filters and stabilizers in the system.

It is suitable to different types of charging applications where it optimizes the device capability to store energy. It is a well-developed device that offers a lot of features. It is also an excellent solution to protect batteries from overcharging.



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