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  • Commercial Aerospace L-band Amplifier

  • Created: Mar 17, 2015

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The aerospace communications provide us ease in data transmission and reception. It is now the ideal path to communicate around the world using wireless communications like mobile phones and other related gadgets. This design features an L-band test amplifier that is characterised with series equivalent large-signal impedance parameters. It has greater negative gate-source voltage range for improved class C amplifier operation. The system has also ESD protection incase of unexpected faults and surges. It can also handle up to 50V VDD supply during operation and it is internally matched for ease of use.

The design is comprised of MRF6V13250HSR5 RF power field effect transistor that helps drive signals at 1300MHz with 250W power. The VBIAS supply is provided with filter capacitors that stabilises voltage signal and a limiting resistor that controls current before it will be transmitted to RF input. The microstrips are fabricated with different dimensions, which is used to send microwave frequency signals. The VSUPPLY are also provided with capacitors that helps prevent noise and other possible fluctuations.

The design is applicable to RF communications that runs at L-band frequency. It is suitable for developing amateur radio, which can be used for educational purposes or personal use. It is also a good start for those hobbyists who are interested in RF communications since it is less expensive compared to RF equipment that uses waveguide.



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