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The MOS FET relays are part of new devices that are benchmark in Solid State Relays (SSRs). It has improved construction technologies within the areas of input LED, PDA (Photo Diode Array used as a photocoupler) and MOSFET chips used in the load switching circuit that results to the reductions in package size and power requirement. The new G3VM range gives you unprecedented capability to design and combine the advantage of mechanical and solid state technology that is applied to this device.

The design presented is a relay driving circuit that uses transistor. The circuit is comprised of few components since the G3VM-601FR device is quite compact. The G3VM-601FR device is a MOS FET relays that is in DIP8 package. It can handle 600V load with continuous 0.6A load current. It is driven by a transistor circuit in which the values of resistor R1 532Ω that is calculated based on the VCC, VOL, and VF(ON). The R2 100kΩ is a suggested values that ranges from 10kΩ to 100kΩ.

The design can be a good reference for AC and DC switching applications. It is also ideal for data and telecommunication solution for line seizing, line switching, hook switching, Data Access Arrangement (DAA) function, line transformer circuit control and other feature phone functions.



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