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  • Control Module for Automotive Light Applications

  • Created: Mar 30, 2015

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Automotive light control is not as simple as typical light control. It is complicated that requires highly reliable and precise components to control light network. The design is based from the KEA128LEDLIGHTRD board from Freescale. The circuit is still built on Kinetis KEA128 32-bit ARM CORTEX®-MO+ MCU, MC33901 CAN Transceiver and MC33662 LIN Transceiver. The difference of this design is the use of MC10XS3412JHFK as the high side switch in the circuit.

With the use of the Kinetis EA MCU for automotive, the design provides a cost-effective solution for automotive applications. Integration with the MC10XS3412JHFK high side switch also enables the circuit to control automotive lighting and diagnose the status of the headlamps. The control of these lights includes high and low beam, turning and braking. The MC33662 and the MC33901, which are the LIN and CAN transceivers respectively, are used together with the potentiometer to control the light level and status of the bulbs.

This design is not limited to automotive applications. It is also applicable to traffic lights, stage lights, and some commercial applications.



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