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  • Created: Aug 11, 2015

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In today’s technology trend, automation is increasing its value in different industries that we have. We can now execute tasks with less effort and less time making automation a preferable approach compared to manual. Even in our homes, automation is making its entry to make life easier.

This design is a basic home automation circuit. The circuit is comprised of a computer, switching circuit, a microcontroller (MCU) and relays. The design utilizes the PE014005 relays under the PE Schrack series from TE Connectivity. This relay is offering 1 form C (CO) or 1 form A (NO) contacts rated 5 amps. It achieves its compact size and relatively high switching capacity with a sensitive coil requiring only 200mW. From the computer the user can send commands through an interface that connects to the MCU to execute the action. The MCU then activates the relays to turn on a device selected by the user. The design can be used for a home light control system. Using the design, the user can control and monitor the lights in his home while working or doing some stuff in his computer.

The circuit is not only limited to lighting applications. Other appliances can also be connected to the circuit and be used for different home applications. The design can also be upgraded by having additional components to add functions such as remote access on your home or electricity consumption monitoring.



Whats that? A modern PC doesn't have parallel port!

Posted: Sep 24, 2015


Not only that but Windows does not allow direct writes to the parallel port. Some geeks have written a special app for that but it is hard to find these days since the demise of the PP. Long live the Parallel Port.

Posted: Sep 24, 2015


This can be used for old PC's.

Posted: Mar 28, 2016



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