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  • Curtain Opener Circuit

  • Created: Oct 26, 2014

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This Curtain opener will open and close the curtain of your home just by pressing a switch. With the help of this circuit you did not need to move from your place to open and close the curtain. This curtain opener circuit is used for domestic purpose especially for small doors and windows. Same circuit is used for closing and opening of curtain automatically. Due to its small size it can be easily fitted with curtain.You can also power the circuit with the help of adapter readily available in market.

Curtain opener circuit comprises of two IC namely N74F7AD and ULN2003 with few more components. N74F7AD IC contain two independent D type flip flop which exists in one of two states and can store information. Each module is further equipped with a group of pin outs assigned as data, set, reset, clock input and a couple complementary output Q and . ULN2003 IC is high voltage, high current Darlington array, each ULN2003 IC contain seven open collector Darlington pairs with common emitter. ULN2003 is also commonly used in driving wide range of loads with the help of relay drivers or can be used to drive a stepper motor. ULN2003 is for 5V TTL, CMOS logic devices. Each channel or Darlington pair in ULN2003 is rated at 500mA and can withstand peak current of 600mA.

Working of circuit is very simple if you want to open the curtain just press switch S1 momentarily. This will provide the voltage to pin 6 of IC1 and when this pin goes high it will provide you the high output at pin 1 of IC1 which will make the pin 2 of IC2 also high and the geared motor connected to start rotating in close wise direction to open the curtain. Now when curtain is open or you want to stop the motor then press the switch S2 connected at pin 4 of IC1 which is reset pin and used to off or stop the stepper motor . Similar phenomenon occurs if you want to close the curtain. Just press switch S3 momentarily connected with pin 8 of IC1 which is also a set pin. Geared motor starts running in anti clockwise direction. Now when curtain is close press the switch S4 to off the stepper motor. Therefore you can now open and close your curtain just by pressing the switch.



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