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  • DC to DC Switching Regulator

  • Created: Jul 04, 2016

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This circuitry demonstrates the functionality of the ADP5070 DC-to-DC converter. It is used to evaluate simple device measurements, such as line regulation, load regulation, and efficiency. The ADP5070 is a dual high-performance DC-to-DC regulator that generates regulated positive and negative rails independently. Its input voltage ranges from 2.85V to 15V, supports a wide variety of applications. The integrated main switch in both regulators enables generation of an adjustable positive output voltage up to 39V and a negative output voltage down to -39V below input voltage.

This circuit is configured to provide a ±15V output from a 3V to 5.5V input. The ADP5070 operates at a pin select 1.2MHz/2.4MHz switching frequency. It can synchronize with an external oscillator from 1MHz to 2.6MHz to ease noise filtering in sensitive applications. The regulator also implements programmable slew rate control circuitry for the MOSFET driver stage to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI). For line regulation measurements, monitor the regulator output while its input is varied. For good line regulation, the output must change as little as possible with varying input levels.

The ADP5070 DC-to-DC converter has its application list: Bipolar amplifiers, ADCs, DACs and multiplexers, Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) bias supply, optical module supply, and RF power amplifier (PA) bias. With its features and benefits, the ADP5070 surely makes it to be a competitive product to be considered.



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