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  • Digital Audio Interface for Receiver and Transmitter

  • Created: Oct 23, 2016

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The development in audio devices brings mobility and convenience to any people. This is because of acquiring highly Integrated Circuit (IC) devices used in the recent electronic designs. This digital audio interfacing circuit features digital audio interface receiver and transmitter, user-selectable serial host interface ( SPI or I2C ), two audio serial ports (Ports A and B), four general-purpose digital outputs, and extensive power-down support.

Audio I/O devices are usually speakers and microphones that DIX4192IPFBR device act as a primary component in this interfacing circuit. The receiving input interfaces ( RX pins ) are designed for unbalanced line without transformer that are commonly used for BNC port. The master clock or MCLK is used as clock source for audio serial ports and Digital Interface Transmitters (DIT) in which it may also be used as the reference clock for the DIR. The RXCKI clock input is typically used for the DIR reference clock source, but it may also be used as the master or reference clock source for the audio serial ports. The RXCKO is an output DIR recovered master clock (tri-state output). The CPM pin is a control mode in which it is in 0 logic for SPI mode and 1 logic for I2C mode. The SPI pins are used for the communication of Host Controller. The AESOUT pin output may also be used to drive external logic or line driver devices directly using dual differential line driver.

The automotive infotainment system brings additional features to automobile. It entertain passengers while on trip or provide radio news and general current events for drivers. It is also applicable any audio system that suits its requirement to the circuit design.



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