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  • Digital Clock and Calendar

  • Created: Jun 05, 2014

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A clock is an instrument used to indicate time. A digital clock is one of its types and it displays the time on digital or numeric symbols. This project displays not only the time but including the date and an alarm function. This could be used in offices, bedrooms, cars, and other places where a clock is needed.

In this project, PCF85063ATL CMOS Real-time Clock (RTC) is used as the time generator. This provides year, month, day, weekday, hours, minutes, and seconds based on a 32.768 kHz quartz crystal. A one-farad super capacitor combined with a low forward voltage diode can be used as a standby or backup supply. The output clock pulse of the PCF85063ATL is fed to the ATMEGA328P microcontroller.

The ATMEGA328P acts as the brain of the project; codes are stored into the ATMEGA328P to program it according to the project’s design. A panel of push buttons (up, down, left, right, stop alarm) is configured at the INPUT pins of the ATMEGA328P for the Setting’s controller. A 16x2 LCD (liquid crystal display) is pinned at I/O pins of the ATMEGA328P to display the digital time and date. A buzzer is used for the alarm. The display of this project is small which limits the application to desktop purposes only.



Is that really a 1F capacitor?

Posted: Jun 11, 2014


A 1 farad super capacitor combined with a low VF diode is used as a standby or back-up supply.

Posted: Oct 15, 2014


Copy that! Thanks!

Posted: Apr 13, 2016



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