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  • Digital Clock using a S08 MCU

  • Created: May 15, 2015

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The design shown is a digital clock that uses the MC9RS08KA8, a RS08KA Microcontroller (MCU) from Freescale. It is an 8-bit MCU having an operating frequency up to 20Mhz and is available in 8kb and 4kb flash memory.

The circuit is comprised of a 16x2 LCD module, serial real-time clock, MC9RS08KA8 MCU and three push buttons. The MC9RS08KA8 MCU is integrated with CWX-H08-SE, CodeWarrior Special Edition for HC(S)08/RS08 MCUs for its coding and debugging. The circuit utilizes the clock for real-time clock/calendar function. It is interfaced to the circuit through an I2C bus. With the three pushbuttons, the user can set and reset the date and time of the digital clock.

The RS08KA MCUs are designed to be efficient and be cost effective while having small memory size. It can be used in a variety of applications such as LED control, small handheld devices, toys, logic circuits, analog drivers and ASIC replacements.



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