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  • Digital Code Lock

  • Created: Oct 25, 2016

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Home security is a major concern of every homeowner. No person would want their family to be endangered therefore, it is necessary to consider and ensure a safe environment before moving into other places to improve the quality of life. This design is a digital code lock, which somehow enhances home security system. This can be installed in doorknobs or vaults that alarms when someone enters a wrong code.

This digital code lock is composed of a microcontroller, keypad module, buzzer and an LCD. The LCD used is the NHD-0216AW-SB3 2 lines x 16 characters OLED display of Newhaven Display Intl that has built-in LCD comparable controller with low power, ultra-high contrast slim design. The device is programmed to alarm every time a wrong password is entered. The user can also set a predefined password using the keypad and can change it anytime. The code entered will be displayed in the LCD screen and will also display a wrong password for an incorrect code.

The design can be used as electronic door lock, which brings convenience to the user since they will no longer be carrying door keys anymore. It is also more secure than mechanical lockers since only the owner will have the access to the device. It can also be developed such that it will send an sms alert or call the user every time an incorrect code is entered.



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