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  • Digital Thermocouple for Instrumentation

  • Created: Aug 25, 2014

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The design is a solution that eliminates traditional analog instrumentation system calibration or gain and offset trimming techniques. The linearization techniques can be implemented in firmware or software. It has cold junction compensation, Thermal Management GUI, and USB interface to PC.

The design consist of few components such as MCP9804 device which is a typical accuracy digital temperature sensor that provides the cold junction compensation at + 1°C accuracy. The MCP3421 device is a 18bit ADC with I2C Interface and ON-Board Reference. The MCP3421 and MCP9804 serial output lines are connected to a PICMicro Microcontroller. This controller is the PIC18F2550-I/SO device which is also a USB microcontroller that communicates with a PC via the USB interface and using the Thermal Management software in stripchart format.

The design is suitable for industrial and commercial applications that improves instrumentation equipments. Since it is digital, an increase of accuracy is expected. It can also easily modified to add more features.



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