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  • Digital Water-level Monitoring System

  • Created: Feb 02, 2014

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This project helps us monitor water levels more efficiently than other water monitoring circuits. A multi-level indicator and a digital display can help identify the output easily and can be used on applications such as flood monitoring systems. It can also be used in domestic activities such as filling a bath and cooking pot until it indicates that the container is full.

The circuit design has a series of four stages: first stage gives a 9-level input sensor, second stage for level encoding to BCD (binary-coded decimal), third stage for decoding the BCD and driving it to the final stage for a numeric digital output.

The project has an output of a digital display specifically a common cathode 7-segment numeric display. This display is driven by a HEF4511B, BCD to 7-segment latch/decoder/driver module, and an IC with four inputs that decodes the BCD to a 7-segment output.

The 74HC147D IC is connected to the sensors in the water container and receives nine active-low inputs and provides four active-low outputs in BCD. When two or more inputs are simultaneously active, the input with the highest priority is represented on the output, and the “zero” is encoded when all nine data inputs are high.



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