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  • DIY Parametric Equalizer

  • Created: Aug 09, 2019

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Parametric Equalizer is an electronic multi-band variable equalizer device used in sound recording and live sound production. This devices allow audio engineers to control the parameters of the internal band-pass filter sections. The amplitude of each band can be controlled, and center frequency can be shifted, widened, and narrowed.

This parametric equalizer is mainly comprised of voltage regulators, op amps, resistors(fixed and variable), and capacitors. MAX1044CPA+ is a voltage regulator, switched capacitor, and voltage converter in one, TL072CP is a JFET-input, low noise dual op amp. We also used three TL074CN is a quad low-noise JFET-Input general-purpose operational amplifier, 14-Pin DIP. P160KN-0QC15B10K variable resistors are used to control the equalization of the device.

This Parametric Equalizer offers a wide range of applications. "Boominess" reduction, this device can be used to precisely remove excessive resonance that can create a ''boomy'' sound. It can also be used in eliminating extraneous noises.This device also offers feedback prevention, tonal enhancement, and output frequency correction , as it can be used to boost or cut the peaks and dips to flatten frequency response.



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