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  • DSC Basic IO Management with CAN Interface

  • Created: Aug 18, 2015

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In the midst of automotive and industrial demand in the market, embedded electronic systems also increase in which the developments of some industries are now using this technology. This design features a system basis chip that can operate as LIN and CAN. It uses a DSC chip that combines the functionality of an MCU and a processing power of a DSP. It has 288KB on-chip memory and 32KB RAM and it can operate up to 80MHz program execution from both internal flash memory and RAM.

The design is comprised of a MC56F84567VLL 32-bit digital signal controller that provides the interfacing of various data communication ports. It has CAN ports so it can communicate with other MCU or DSC that has also built in CAN port. The design has PS2 port for keyboard and an LCD for display or general purpose monitoring. A USB port is also provided so it can accommodate generic serial devices that use USB port.

This design is primarily built for applications that require compact and easy board interface. It can be applied to industrial control especially on power plants and manufacturing industries. It is also applicable to home appliances, smart sensors, and other residential or commercial applications. This DSC chip used in this design is quite flexible that it can be used to different electronic applications.



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