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  • Dual-Axis SPI Inertial Sensor

  • Created: Jan 04, 2016

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An airbag is a safety device for vehicles, it is important to have one installed. The purpose of this is to provide protection and restraint during a crash for the occupant. One key component of this is the inertial sensor. Inertial sensors are type of sensors that based on inertia, which is commonly used in airbag systems. The MMA6801KWR2 is a dual axis Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) inertial sensor with 2-axis, medium-g, over-damped lateral accelerometer. It has a full-scale range of +/- 20g to +/- 120g. It is compatible with SPI and a 10-bit digital signed or unsigned SPI data output.

The design is a typical inertial sensor of an airbag system. The inertial sensors operate by a single 3.3V or 5V voltage supply. The sensor’s SPI is connected to a MCU. The deployment IC is connected by SPI to the MCU and its 2 FET driver (Deploy_en) is connected to the ARM X/Y of the inertial sensor. The ARM X/Y pins can be configured as a digital output with a PCM signal proportional to the x/y-axis acceleration data. The C1 is for power supply decoupling capacitor, while C2 and C3 is for voltage regulator output capacitor.

The MMA6801KWR2 is designed as inertial sensors for automotive airbag systems applications. This provides safety for users of automotive and other vehicles that are prone to collision. The airbag system can reduce the risk of personal injury and can save lives.



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