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  • Dual Intelligent High-current Self-protected Silicon High Side Switch

  • Created: Oct 18, 2015

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The Freescale’s dual high side switch can safely drive high currents into complex (resistive, inductive and capacitive) grounded loads in compliance with the harsh automotive environment. This requires both robust, low on-resistance power switch and accurate analog circuitry for diagnostic, protection and control functions. The MC33988 dual self-protected 8.0 mΩ silicon switch of Freescale is used to replace electromechanical relays, fuses and discrete devices in power management applications.

The switch has an operating voltage of 6v to 27V with a standby current of less than 5.0 μA . It has also an SPI control of over-current limit, overcurrent fault blanking time, output OFF open load detection, output ON/OFF control, watchdog timeout, slew-rates, and fault status reporting. In the circuit, the CS pin enables communication with the master microcontroller. When this pin is in a Logic 0 state, the device is capable of transferring information to, and receiving information from the MCU.The SO pin remains in a high-impedance state until the CS pin is put into a Logic 0 state. The SO data is capable of reporting the status of the output, the device configuration, and the state of the key inputs. The HS0 and HS1 pins are the high side outputs controlling multiple automotive loads with high inrush current as well as motors and all types of resistive and inductive loads. These two outputs are actively clamped during a turn-off of inductive loads.

The device is suitable for loads with high inrush current as well as all types of resistive and inductive loads that is good for automotive and power management applications. A dedicated parallel input is available for alternate and pulse-width modulation (PWM) control of each output. SPI-programmable fault trip thresholds allow the device to be adjusted for optimal performance in the application. The 33988 is packaged in a power-enhanced 12 x 12 mm non leaded PQFN package with exposed tabs.



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