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  • Electronic Dice

  • Created: Oct 01, 2014

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It is very simple and easy to construct a project on electronic dice circuit that will display random numbers from 1 to 6 on configured LEDs. It is based on 74HC4017 and 555 timer. This is an alternative device that can be used to replace the traditional dice when playing games such as snake ladder, monopoly etc. While NE555 is a well-known multivibrator IC, CD4107 is a medium speed Johnson Counter that works at 10MHz and has 10 decoded outputs.

This is how the project works, push switch is pressed to throw the dice. This makes the circuit of the project to rapidly move through the dice numbers. A random number is displayed by the LEDs when the switch is released. The clock pulse is provided by the 555 astable circuit at about 5 KHz for the 4017 counter which contains ten outputs (Q0 to Q9). Each output becomes high when they receive the clock pulses. As only six outputs (Q0-Q5) are needed so Q6 is connected to reset. Appropriate outputs are connected through the diodes so as to supply the LEDs: for example Q1, Q3 and Q5 are combined for LED1. To use less number of diodes and to simplify the circuit the sequence starts from 2. So that ÷ 10 output can be used for LEDs 6 and 7. Counting occurs when the push switch makes the disable input low.

This project has two advantages over previous dice circuits. It produces a realistic readout as well as a 'slow-down' feature. These combine to make it one of our most popular games projects.



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