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  • Enhanced HDMI Display Circuit

  • Created: Apr 29, 2015

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The monitors and other type of display medium are more efficient with detailed images. It can provide great accuracy to users that need to gather information through images. In this design, high definition signal is produced by a high-speed level shifter converting AC-coupled differential input signals to HDMI v1.3a compliant while simplifying the audio and digital cabling into single digital interface. It makes use of easy-to-use friction lock design TE connector providing secure electrical contact and smooth cable insertion/extraction.

The design is part of a common display unit like monitors and other related consumer electronic products. It is comprised of 1-1747981-4 TE Connectivity HDMI connector that serves as the output port of the system. It is connected to the PTN3360ABS high-speed level shifter where the differential input signals are processed. It makes use of N-channel MOSFET that amplifies the signal through the Hot-Plug Detect (HPD) that makes the source device aware of its connection/disconnection to the sink device. The multimode display or video processor is a major component that runs the display unit of the entire system. The pull up resistors is provided to ensure that the SDA and SCL ports will function in correct logic voltage.

The design is applicable to common electronic products that need display in high definition format. It is suitable to different types of computer units in which hdmi ports are now commonly used. It can still be further developed or used as a reference design for different display application.



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