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  • F2915 High Reliability SP5T RF Switch

  • Created: Feb 25, 2016

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An RF switch is a device that helps on routing and directing high frequency signals through transmission paths. This device is designed for a multitude of RF applications including base stations, portable wireless, repeaters, E911 systems, digital pre distortion and Test/ATE Equipment.

The circuit design, as shown, is an evaluation board from IDT, which evaluates the F2915, a high reliability SP5T RF switch. This device covers a broad frequency range from 400MHz to 8000MHz. It provides low insertion loss and also delivers excellent linearity and isolation performance. It also provides a 50-Ω termination to the unused RF input ports. The F2915 also features a constant impedance (KZ) character. The KZ improves system hot switching ruggedness, minimizes LO pulling in VCOs, and reduces phase and amplitude variations in distribution networks. It is also ideal for dynamic switching/selection between two or more amplifiers while avoiding damage to upstream/downstream sensitive devices such as PAs and ADCs.

The logic control pins (V1, V2, and V3) of the device are used to set the state of the SP5T switch. The design uses a single positive supply voltage for these pins utilizing either 3.3V or 1.8V control logic. It also comes with an on-chip negative voltage generator; this functionality is enabled by connecting pin 20 to ground and is disabled by connecting a negative voltage to it.



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