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  • Flashing Break Light for Motorcycles

  • Created: Feb 09, 2014

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This motorcycle break light circuit features a hex inverter and decade counter. It has fully specified partial power down using Ioff and static operation for the counter.

When brake-light switch S1 is closed, power is applied to U1 and U2. Two inverters of U2, a 74ABT04D hex inverter, are connected in a low-frequency oscillator circuit that feeds clock pulses into U1, a 4017 decade counter/divider. Outputs 0, 2, 4, 6, and 8 of U1 are coupled to the gate of Q1 then through a 1N914 diode. As the 4017 counts down, it turns the brake light on and off four times and then leaves it on until the brake switch is released.

This design is applicable to different types of vehicle that uses brake light. It can also be part of basic LED light operation experiment. The design can be modify for specified application.



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