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  • Flood Level Monitor

  • Created: Jun 26, 2015

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The factors that cause floods have been constantly increasing and as a result, flooding has become frequent and hazardous especially in low level areas. This design features a flood level monitor that measures rainfall intensity and flood level, and automatically alerts the community and relevant authorities of the measured data using a GSM module and other warning devices.

The design is comprised of a MC9S08PT16AVTG microcontroller which serves as the main component. It receives data from the sensors and controls the warning devices including the GSM module. The system is equipped with humidity sensors that measure the amount and intensity of precipitation, and water detectors placed in different heights to measure the flood level. The GSM module allows the system to update the community and authorities by sending an SMS about the data gathered and possible actions for the residents in cases of high-risk situations. Other warning devices, like sirens and warning lights, are also installed to help alert the nearby residents aurally and visually.

This design is also applicable to different types of water level monitoring systems, such as water tanks, rivers, ocean tides, etc. It also allows users to add other devices, such as sensors and alert devices, to help improve the system.



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