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  • FLORA as Wearable Pedometer

  • Created: Mar 07, 2016

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One of the devices used to monitor the progress of an exercise is the pedometer. This device is used to measure steps taken by an individual and determine the speed, distance and even calories burned to motivate them in getting fit. Present designs available in the market today uses accelerometer compared to the mechanical devices used in the early designs.

This design uses the Flora v2 platform from Adafruit as the host controller for the system. It is built around the Atmega32u4 chip, which has built-in USB support. No pesky special cables or extra parts for programming is needed, just plug it in and get started making the wearable project. The design also uses the LSM303 Flora accelerometer/compass sensor to detect the steps taken by the individual. This collects data of motion and direction from x, y and z-axes, which is then transmitted to the controller through I2C. This data can be used to analyze number of steps taken, distance covered, speed and even calories burned. The results are then displayed through a 128x32 I2C OLED. The system runs at 3.3V with an onboard regulator to keep the voltage steady and can be powered directly with battery through the JST connector.

Using Flora avoids the bulky characteristic of other platforms. It also gives the user the ease of integrating the design into wearable products because of its small size and ready-to-sew attribute. The design can be connected by conductive threads and can be sewed into sport bands and jerseys accordingly to the convenience of the user.



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