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  • Fuse Failure Detector CKT

  • Created: Aug 29, 2014

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This circuit plays a great role in electronics basic troubleshooting and repair. The most common problem of electronics device is on power failure. The power failure are caused by undervoltage, overvoltage, sudden change in supplies and other power related cases. This power failure can damage electronic components but it could be prevented by fuses and other circuit protection devices. The circuit protection devices are designed to provide isolation between the supply and the main circuitry during power related problems. This simple circuit is designed to provide indication that the fuse is already damaged and needs to be replaced.

The circuit is comprised of resistors that are designed for 12V supply applications and it can be change depending on the voltage supply requirements. The Q1 and Q2 are stable multivibrator circuit that is used to provide features in LED indication. The Q3 serves as the main switch that drives the LED. The base current of Q3 will be provided by currents that pass through the fuse and currents came from the stable multivibrator circuit. The LED will constantly ON as long as the fuse is intact and it will be blinking when the fuse is blown-off.

This design is excellent for the ease of troubleshooting of electronic devices. This will help a lot in residential applications.



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